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The Incedo Coordinated Care Solution allows community health centers to easily identify, engage and measure intervention programs for high-risk populations.

The solution places them into appropriate intervention programs where they can be tracked, supported and cared for in a way that reduces the overall medical cost. The technology solution also gives care managers access to critical health information including a complete view of a member’s clinical history across multiple chronic conditions using our robust BI & Data Analytics tool. With this information, care managers can schedule prompts for important steps in the care process, creating a true integration of care coordination and care management in order to enhance engagement for the patient.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Stratify the population to identify those with a chronic illness who could benefit from behavioral healthcare management
  • Identify those who are overdue for needed tests and appointments according to industry-standard quality measures
  • Proactively engage with consumers by utilizing assessments, screening tools and applying targeted interventions
  • Alerts help care managers respond to work in queues in priority order
  • Care managers can gather patient history, including medical, psychological and social information, in one profile
  • Information is exchanged easily between providers (physician and non-physician) via real-time, online applications
  • Mobiles apps for the iPad and smart phones make it easy for members and caregivers to access information anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to easily integrate third-party clinical criteria guidelines and outcome tools

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