Enhance Member Engagement- Medicare Advantage Plans - InfoMC

Enhance member engagement, improve cost and quality of care and value-based care.

In an effort to gain optimal Star ratings, Medicare Advantage plans must strive to offer value-based programs and evidence-based strategies to improve quality of care, clinical outcomes, and member satisfaction. At the same time, they need to increase operational efficiency, lower costs of care, and ensure compliance with regulatory measures. To achieve this, they need a flexible technology platform that will promote quality, efficient and effective patient care with actively engaged patients.

InfoMC provides solutions for comprehensive integrated care management and care coordination resulting in improved quality, care and cost outcomes.

Our Incedo Healthcare Management platform provides Medicare Advantage Plans with a fully configured utilization and care management platform. Incedo’s Medicare Advantage solution framework and workflows are based upon the SNP Model of Care. The solution supports efficient and effective collaboration and coordination of the patient’s necessary care, services, and community resources while facilitating increased accessible and timely care, improved member experience and reduced hospitalizations for their populations. The solution also supports the tailored workflows required to meet the special needs of individuals served under the Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans.