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Employee Assistance Programs

Whether personal or health related, many employees have experiences that that negatively impact their performance in the workplace. Employee issues can lead to significantly reduced productivity, morale and employee retention while increasing healthcare costs and absenteeism.  EAP/Work-life programs are fast becoming a necessary part of any competitive employee benefits package as employers seek robust solutions to increase workplace productivity and reduce healthcare costs

Industry estimates show that over 100 million people are enrolled in some type of employee assistance program or work-life program at their place of employment.   For EAP/Work-life programs, this means that there is a growing need for a better, more cost-effective, comprehensive solution to address the growing need employers face in regard to workplace productivity and rising healthcare costs.

The traditional EAP/Work-Life solutions offered by vendors are reactive and do not address the core needs of employers today.  A proactive solution that uses predictive analytics to identify employees that need help and a robust outreach program are some of the new innovative solutions that employers are seeking.  The metrics of success for these programs are not measured by looking at utilization, but by measuring outcomes related to workplace productivity and it’s impact on healthcare costs, and demonstrating results.