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Comprehensive data analytics for proactive identification of individuals and populations for meaningful engagement, intervention and outcome management

In collaboration with our partner Clinigence Health, InfoMC provides analytics solutions that enable connected intelligence across the care continuum by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights. Our solutions create transparency on quality indicators and outcomes, enabling you to deliver impactful population health initiatives.

InfoMC provides an identification and stratification model that uses the Johns Hopkins ACG modeling for member clinical, risk, and costs stratification. The system identifies at-risk members at a number of levels, including clinical markers, and presents aggregated reports via dashboards for efficient review and parameter fine-tuning.

Based on individual and/or population level stratification, Incedo will generate care management strategies, auto-generated care plans and actionable care coordination workflows for managing the care of those individuals who need it most.

The platform will also provide data related to key performance indicator trends, savings opportunities, cost drivers, quality, prevention, care gaps and other member metrics, and provider performance for value-based care.

Additional Incedo Analytics Features and Benefits:

  • Cost & Utilization – Manage current costs and utilization as well as predict future utilization
  • Quality Improvement – Identify and act on process and quality improvements
  • Provider Network Optimization – Find opportunities for cost savings, utilization management, network optimization, and physician performance
  • Predictive Analytics – Stratify and target high-risk members/patients to improve outcomes and lower costs
  • Gaps in Care – Identify and act on preventive measures and gaps in care
  • Member Metrics – Access a holistic view of what is happening at the member/patient level from existing medical care needs to predictive indicators of future needs
  • Population Health Management – Stratify by Risk, Disease, and Cost; Drill-down to the physician and member level to identify clinical drivers of cost and quality
  • Key Performance Indicators – Evaluate cost, utilization, quality, pharmacy and prevention KPIs over time. KPI Dashboard for PCPs and Specialists

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