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At InfoMC, our population health management software provides a completely integrated, end-to-end enterprise solution for effectively managing Medicare Advantage Plans, Government Health Plans, and Accountable Care Organizations. Our population health management in Doylestown seeks to improve the health outcomes to various groups of individuals. With the help of our software, we can use the data to improve the quality of care you’re currently getting and lower costs.

InfoMC’s Value of Care Process

Our first step is to engage; we actively manage the care process for patients with complex or chronic conditions across multiple caregivers. Next is to exchange by connecting payers, providers, and consumers to exchange information and promote better decision making. Thirdly, we manage benefit administration and back-office transaction processing. Our final step uses business intelligence and analytics to proactively identify individuals and populations for essential intervention.

Who Do We Help in Doylestown, PA?

Our technology benefits Medicare Advantage Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Managed Behavioral Health Organizations, Government Health Plans, and Employee Assistance Programs. Healthcare payors must support a range of new capabilities that demand a greater emphasis on consumers, lower costs and faster, more agile product development, but InfoMC makes it all possible.

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