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Incedo Healthcare Management System

InfoMC’s Incedo™ Healthcare Management System is an enterprise software solution that enables clinical and financial management and care coordination of chronic illness and wellness. Incedo™ Healthcare Management System is a single platform that can be leveraged to support many disciplines within health and wellness such as employee assistance, managed care, chronic care management, accountable care, etc.  Incedo™ Healthcare Management System is designed to support integrated models that coordinate care between mental and physical health, which offers organizations the flexibility to adapt to market demands.  

The Incedo™ Healthcare Management System transforms traditional healthcare management into proactive population healthcare management through the use of workflow automation, clinical intelligence and evidence based best practice guidelines. With the Incedo™ Healthcare Management System, organizations have the necessary tools to engage individuals, access their healthcare needs, and implement appropriate interventions with measurable health outcomes.

Key Features & Benefits of Incedo Healthcare Management System