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InfoMC EXCHANGE is a powerful data aggregation, validation and exchange engine that unites data from multiple sources in a centralized repository. InfoMC EXCHANGE allows the exchange and consolidation of all inbound and outbound transactions for all core systems. Consolidated data enables healthcare organization to leverage data to create better outcomes and lower costs.

Key Features & Benefits of InfoMC EXCHANGE

  • Flexible ETL (Extract Transform, Load)to ready data into desired formats for destination systems 
  • Consolidated reporting, metrics and re-use equaling greater data sustainability
  • Trading Partner Management 
  • Transaction Validation and Customization
  • Transaction set management – HIPAA/X12, HL7/CCD, NCPDP, 
  • Support regulatory compliance code set ICD-10,  DSMIV and Medicare DRGs  data 
  • Customizable rules for transaction routing and sequencing