The InfoMC EAP/Work-Life Solution allows EAPs to coordinate EAP services with the other benefits offered to the employer through the health plan, and successfully coordinate the entire continuum of care. Coordinating these needs helps EAPs to improve the overall health of the employees, increase employee satisfaction and productivity, and better manage health care costs for their client and its employees.
The solution provides a permanent history of employee demographics and easy access to information including individual benefits and utilization of EAP/Work-Life services, services authorized and delivered, and bills received from or paid to affiliate providers. Our robust tracking and reporting tools make it easy to create customized, ad-hoc reports to showcase open or closed cases, recidivism, different diagnosis types, and more. Having easy access to this critical information allows you to successfully manage client relationships by measuring key performance indicators for improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Integration of all benefits provided by the EAP and health plan, making it easier to coordinate primary and behavioral health care.
• Aggregate data for key performance indicators and outcome measurements
• Administer eligibility and enroll employees and dependents
• Manage your affiliate provider network and match employees with the best providers
• Maintain your corporate client contracts and manage benefits and performance guarantees
• Enhanced call center management
• Help counselors to generate authorizations and manage utilization
• Administer, track and manage resources for childcare, eldercare, educational planning, financial aid, retirement planning, and caregiver support
• Use business rules to process and pay claims
• Bill corporate clients and process administration fees