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Systems of Care for Behavioral Health Organizations

During the past two decades, there has been an increasing emphasis on the development of community-based, integrated systems of care to serve adults and children with serious emotional disturbances and their families. Adults and children with serious emotional disturbances have a wide range of needs; thus, their services should be individualized, or tailored to the strength and needs of the adult or child and family. These personalized service plans, jointly developed and monitored by the family or caregivers and the involved agencies, is a major underpinning of an integrated system of care. Behavioral Health Organizations need to give considerable attention to individualized planning which may include developing or expanding both traditional mental health services as well as non-medical related services. 

The InfoMC Systems of Care technology solution allows Behavioral Health Organizations to determine individualized care plans, select the best resources that provide relevant and unique services through proper placement in the community, provide decision support tools for care managers, and evaluate their performance.  The emphasis of this technology solution is on the best approach Behavioral Health Organizations should take and gives them the autonomy to coordinate funding across agencies, deploy multiple programs effectively, establish appropriate provider networks and allow for family members and care givers to have a central role in selecting resources and making vital decisions about their care. 

Key Features & Benefits:
Systems of Care for Behavioral Health Organizations

  • Multiple funding sources can be managed in conjunction with various programs 
  • Information is exchanged easily between partner community agencies via real-time, online applications
  • Family members or care givers work closely with care managers and play a central role in selecting providers
  • Care managers can gather patient history, including medical, psychological and social information, in one profile
  • Alerts help care managers respond to work in queues in priority order
  • Mobiles apps for the iPad and smart phones make it easy for members and caregivers to access information anytime, anywhere