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Dual Eligibles for County and State Programs

InfoMC offers next-generation technology to meet the medical, behavioral and social needs and challenges of the Dual Eligible population and the healthcare professionals and caregivers who support them. InfoMC delivers innovative solutions to enhance care coordination and care management, improve quality outcomes, and contain costs for Dual Eligible populations.

The InfoMC Dual Eligible Solution is a cloud-deployed, enterprise software platform with robust tools for clinical and financial management and seamless coordination of care whether preventative, curative, or palliative. The InfoMC Dual Eligible Solution features a comprehensive dashboard – InfoMC 450⁰ Dynamic – a powerful collaboration tool that fosters consumer engagement and facilitates real-time decision-making for coordinating care. 

Dual Eligibles for County and State Programs

Key Features & Benefits:
Dual Eligibles for County and State Programs

InfoMC 450⁰ Dynamic provides immediate access to the patient’s past, current, and future medical, behavioral, social, and pharmacy services, promoting information exchange among the entire care team and supporting critical care decisions that must be made quickly. For optimal care coordination, care management and care transition, InfoMC 450⁰ Dynamic produces an interactive calendar of the patient’s daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled and fulfilled services including appointments, assessments, prescriptions, transportation, and other care-related activities.

InfoMC 450⁰ Dynamic also operates on a tablet computer offering live data sharing from the field. Customized and integrated care coordination promotes treatment plan compliance, improves quality of care, enriches consumer relationships, and helps patients maintain independence in their home and community. The InfoMC 450⁰ Dynamic interface offers summary views of a patient with one-touch drill-down to detailed  records, putting needed information at the Care Coordinator’s fingertips. Decisions can be made instantly; actions can be taken with the touch of a button.

The InfoMC Dual Eligible Solution adds value in a variety of settings:

Regardless of where it is deployed, the InfoMC Dual Eligible Solution ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness for managing Dual Eligible patients by proactively engaging all constituents in optimal care coordination and care transitions, supporting regulatory compliance and producing cost savings.