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Peer Support

Peer Support Services are increasingly recognized as part of the full care continuum in behavioral health care and offer a wide range of resources to promote recovery.  In a study conducted by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), participants offered online peer coaching were more likely to return to the program after registration (71% versus 44%) and were more likely to continue using the program after three weeks (38% versus 9%).

The InfoMC MyRecoveryPlan online product offers a range of standardized tools and resources to help inform, educate, engage, and empower consumers.  These are provided in an easy-to-use online environment enabling recovery plan creation and monitoring, social networking, and Peer Coaching.  This evidence-based tool fosters engagement and promotes recovery goals resulting in a reduction in inpatient hospital visits and increased adherence. 

MyRecoveryPlan provides a standard platform for peer coaching and support services and assures consistency of these services while promoting the effective use of recovery support tools.  Social networking in a moderated environment also provides a safe and person-centered resource to encourage activation, engagement, and foster recovery.  The platform is also flexible enough to allow the customization of educational materials and other resources that support the user’s business operations including on-line and face-to-face services.

Key Features & Benefits:
Peer Support