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Managed Behavioral Healthcare for Hospitals and Health Systems

The InfoMC Managed Care technology solution allows hospitals and health systems to manage risk, reduce hospital readmissions, take on newer reimbursement models such as pay-for-performance, and adopt more effective approaches for care coordination for high cost-patients.  InfoMCs technology solution applies industry best practices to improve all aspects of managed care, including member engagement, network management, care coordination, and claims management.  As a result, hospitals and health systems can contain costs while improving access to quality, cost effective care.

Key Features & Benefits:
Managed Behavioral Healthcare for Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Ability to aggregate complex data from disparate sources to perform high quality clinical data analytics
  • Improves efficiency with a complete technology solution to handle enrollment, manage eligibility, provide authorizations and referrals to contracted network providers, coordinate care across chronic conditions, adjudicate claims and reimburse providers based on performance 
  • Reduces medical and administrative costs
  • Integrates industry best practice mental health, substance use and physical health screening tools
  • Improves outcomes with comprehensive support for chronic care management and care coordination
  • Improves interaction and exchange of healthcare information with automated transaction processing such as real-time authorizations and adjudication
  • Smart, scalable solution will adapt as reporting requirements and other administrative demands evolve
  • Flexible licensed and subscription-based delivery options allow you to match your business and budgetary requirements for both hosted and non-hosted solutions