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BI / Data Analytics for Managed Care Organizations

The sheer volume of healthcare data and related information has reached a critical mass.  New healthcare reform mandates have created added challenges for managed care organizations (MCOs), which face increased reporting requirements to provide accurate and functional information in a timely manner.  With increased cost pressures, Medicaid payment adjustments and payment tied to performance, determining the right data to make better decisions and effectively measure results is now more important than ever.  

InfoMC’s Business Intelligence and Analytics technology solution creates smarter healthcare organizations by focusing on value, not volume of data.  Our easy to use software allows MCOs to aggregate, analyze, share and act on critical information to improve business and health outcomes and reduce costs. Advanced population stratification allows MCOs to identify individuals and areas of highest need, resulting in improved proactive interventions and care. Through business segment dashboards, operations and care metrics can be viewed and analyzed in real time to support better decisions for care management, care coordination, utilization, claims, finance and more.  By providing actionable information at the point of decision-making, InfoMC empowers MCOs to improve programs while meeting and exceeding reporting requirements.

Key Features & Benefits:
BI / Data Analytics for Managed Care Organizations

  • Ability to aggregate and analyze complex data from disparate sources to determine key performance indicators
  • Ad hoc and on demand reporting, along with drag-and-drop analytics offer instantaneous results that matter most to functional stakeholders
  • Configurable business segment dashboards make it easy to view, analyze and customize actionable information pertinent to the user’s roles and responsibilities    
  • Configurable rules and workflows for member stratification and identification in areas of highest need
  • Faster deployment and results with InfoMC’s intuitive platform, which integrates easily with existing systems