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Chronic Care Management for Managed Care Organizations

As healthcare costs continue to rise, managed care organizations are under increasing pressure to control expenses while managing demands for chronic, high cost populations.  Treating those with co-morbid conditions accounts for 30 percent of the total US healthcare spend each year. In addition, those with co-morbid conditions have a high prevalence of behavioral health issues, increasing costs even more. To contain costs and enhance overall population wellness, accountable care organizations and health systems need to identify high risk candidates, build effective intervention programs, and measure and track the effectiveness of these programs.

The InfoMC Chronic Care Management technology solution allows managed care organizations to easily identify, engage and measure intervention programs for high-risk populations. The solution places them into appropriate intervention programs where they can be tracked, supported and cared for in a way that reduces the overall medical cost. The technology solution also gives care managers access to critical health information including a complete view of a members clinical history across multiple chronic conditions using our robust BI & Data Analytics tool. With this information, care managers can schedule prompts for important steps in the care process, creating a true integration of care coordination and care management in order to enhance engagement for the patient.

Chronic Care Management for Managed Care Organizations

Key Features & Benefits:
Chronic Care Management for Managed Care Organizations