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Coordinated Care for Managed Care Organizations

The InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution promotes a collaborative and integrated approach for assessment, care planning, facilitation of services, care monitoring, and risk management of chronic and/or complex physical and behavioral health conditions and populations. Our solution provides the tools for Providers and Practitioners across Agencies to collaborate and coordinate care. This includes the necessary services and community bases resources to meet the comprehensive medical, behavioral health and social services needs of members and their caregivers, while promoting clinically-driven quality care and cost-effective outcomes. The Coordinated Care Solution focuses on patient centric and provider integrated care coordination – combining integrated care plans with an Interdisciplinary Care Team approach to support optimal coordination of care and services with the use of least restrictive and cost effective care alternatives. A provider integrated and collaborative approach to care delivery improves coordination of necessary services across the care continuum; improves quality of care, including fewer care transitions; and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Key Features & Benefits:
Coordinated Care for Managed Care Organizations