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InfoMC’s products are powered by our G70™ technology platform, a flexible, configurable healthcare management solution accelerator. The InfoMC G70™ software platform is a robust, scalable, extensible, product development accelerator and serves as the core framework for our applications. G70 incorporates a state of the art framework that also allows us to continuously adopt emerging technologies quickly, create a rapid development environment, and support our customers more effectively.   

The G70™ platform supports multiple products and delivery methods.  G70 is a multi-tenant/multi-environment/multi-product/multi-data source development platform.  The G70™ platform is designed with a services oriented architecture incorporating integrated workflow and rules engines and an enterprise service bus, all in a composite component framework.  This advanced framework also allows for information and process collaboration and exchange between disparate systems and organizational elements, providing plug and play capabilities for easy integration with third party applications

The platform facilitates both cloud and on-premise delivery models.  G70 also supports a device agnostic approach, enabling mobile device as well as traditional desktop delivery or combinations that meet our customers’ needs.