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The Value of Configurable Technology Solutions


Health care organizations that manage care and promote care coordination are uniquely designed to meet the challenges of the populations they serve.  And, while there are national, state and regional… Read More

Incedo Assessments for Addressing SDOH Risks (WellRX)


Addressing social determinant risks in health care is a key to improving health outcomes for individuals and populations. This includes a process of screening for possible SDOH risks, conducting assessments… Read More

Social Care


Effective team based care requires a high level of collaboration between all members of the care team, including patients and their families.  Health care teams are generally able to communicate… Read More

Effective Care Coordination Addresses All Determinants of Health


There are three principal factors that influence health outcomes.  These include the physical, behavioral, and social determinants of health.  Healthcare systems have traditionally focused on the physical and behavioral health determinants,… Read More

Using Health Data and Analytics to Improve Health Outcomes


Attention to data and analytics is rapidly proliferating across health care delivery services and population management systems. There is a thirst for more information, while many healthcare executives will simultaneously… Read More

Achieving Medicaid Efficiency


Evolving shifts in the health reform agenda and funding processes are drawing greater attention to the challenges that states face in their Medicaid programs. A recent review in The Hill… Read More

Practical Solutions for Population Health Analytics


A number of challenges confound the use of administrative health data to identify and prioritize those who are at the greatest risk of poor health outcomes. Central challenges include the… Read More

Care Management Tools for Transitioning to Value Based Care


There is broad uncertainty about the evolving future of US health care reform initiatives.  Multiple sides are lining up to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the Affordable Care… Read More

Understanding the Social, Physical and Behavioral Determinants of Health in the Identification, Stratification, and Analytics of Population Health Management


Although there is increasing uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act and the evolution of health reform, the commitment to improved population health outcomes will prevail regardless of… Read More

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