Why InfoMC

Today’s healthcare environment is undergoing a seismic shift.

Healthcare payors must support a range of new capabilities that demand a greater emphasis on consumers, lower costs and faster, more agile product development.  InfoMC makes it possible.

  • End-to-end solution approach to handle client/payor needs
  • Improved outcomes with real time intelligence and analytics
  • Improved interaction with providers, payors and consumers with automated transaction processing
  • Reduced costs and improved financial results
  • Increased productivity with automated workflows
  • Improved utilization management, care management and disease management capabilities with integrated applications
  • Ability to identify and triage patients to place them in the right program based on their individual needs
  • Configurable dashboards make data easy to view, analyze and customize complex data from multiple data sources


Actively manage the care process for patients with complex or chronic conditions across multiple caregivers.


Connect payors, providers, and consumers; facilitate engagement and information exchange; promote better decision making.


Manage benefit administration and back-office transaction processing.


Use business intelligence and analytics to proactively identify individuals and populations for essential intervention.

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