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Incedo offers effective solutions for engaging members, providers and care teams to improve communication and coordinate care to ensure the delivery of evidence-based services across the full continuum of providers, facilities and community based supports. The configurable design of the Incedo Care Coordination software allows each client to reflect their model of care, workflows and data requirements.

What is the Incedo Care Coordination Solution?

The Incedo Care Coordination Solution combines person-centered care planning with a collaborative Interdisciplinary Care Team approach, resulting in optimal care management and coordination of care with least restrictive and cost-effective care interventions.

The solution provides tools and workflows for supporting individualized care plans, sharing clinical information and decisions, coordinating services and transitions in care, and elevating communication between members and care teams to improve care outcomes.

The solution advances whole-person care by promoting collaboration across all providers and care settings to address the physical, behavioral, and social determinants of health.


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Benefits of the Incedo Care Coordination Solution

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Effective Team-Based Care


Incedo Care Coordination Solution Features

The Incedo care coordination platform seamlessly integrates all aspects of the care coordination process and the care team to effectively support person-centered care planning and the coordination of care across the continuum.

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