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Incedo Behavioral Health Solution

End-to-end behavioral health software supporting quality care

Personalized, end-to-end behavioral health solution

Available as a standalone behavioral health platform or a fully integrated solution that also manages physical health and social determinants, Incedo enables you to efficiently coordinate with community resources to deliver individualized, whole-person care.

Automation improves efficiency and keeps staff happy

Automated, rules-driven workflows for core administration and clinical operations streamline tedious tasks to drive ROI and quality, freeing up your clinical resources to do the work they do best—caring for members.

Quality performance tracking and regulatory alignment reduce risk

Improve quality performance via complete complaints, grievances, and appeals management, with built-in turnaround time and process tracking aligned with CMS, NCQA, and URAC guidelines.

Innovations in Managing Serious Mental Illness—The Hidden Key to Cutting the Cost Curve

Innovations in Managing Serious Mental Illness—The Hidden Key to Cutting the Cost Curve

Comprehensive behavioral health solution

  • Efficient, end-to-end workflows for eligibility, assessment, engagement, utilization management, network management and behavioral health claims management
  • Clinical decision support including MCG and InterQual improves care quality and consistency
  • Integrate with other systems and solutions to support your business, including employee assistance plans (EAPs)

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

  • Automate and integrate workflows to reduce administrative burden and ensure clinical resources are effectively utilized
  • Adapt to evolving business and regulatory requirements with a flexible platform designed for configurability and scalability
  • Automatic and batch adjudication to speed authorization and payment and reduce the need for human touch

Improve member and provider experience

  • Speed processing and turnaround times to prevent frustrating delays and fragmented care
  • Reduce friction to enrich experience, manage network, and grow membership
  • Engage with members with complete tracking of events and contacts to create stronger partnership and drive satisfaction

Optimize quality performance

  • Proactively manage performance to improve outcomes, reduce risk, and increase incentives
  • Customize data capture and reporting to align by business or contract so you can manage regulatory requirements and support compliance

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The Incedo Behavioral Health solution is specifically designed for managing care and improving outcomes for individuals with mental health and substance use conditions.

How does the Incedo Behavioral Health solution meet my needs?

The Incedo Behavioral Health solution seamlessly integrates all aspects of behavioral health management across the full continuum of behavioral health services, enabling you to manage risk-based contracts while improving clinical and operational efficiency.

Available as a stand-alone behavioral health solution or fully integrated solution that also manages physical health and social determinants, the Incedo Behavioral Health solution provides efficient end-to-end workflows for member enrollment and engagement to utilization management solution and care management software to network and claims management.

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Our behavioral health solution:

Incedo Behavioral Health Solution Features

The Incedo Behavioral Health solution is a comprehensive behavioral health administration platform for member enrollment and eligibility, demographic and screening/assessment data, benefit management, provider contracts and service matrix, treatment history, and claims/encounter processing. Additional features include:

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