Managed Medicaid

Managed Medicaid

Personalized care management to improve outcomes, optimize quality, and reduce costs

Community-based, person-centered care for vulnerable populations

Ideal for managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS), LTSS, and dual-eligible programs, our platform is purpose-built to efficiently integrate medical with behavioral and psycho-social determinants to ensure effective, community-based care and improve health equity for vulnerable populations. Our care management solution helps you deliver effective, efficient, and personalized whole-person care so you improve outcomes and your bottom line.

Efficiently expand your managed Medicaid business

Designed for efficiency, configurability, and scalability, our flexible behavioral health solution empowers you to quickly implement new value-based programs and adapt to changing market and regulatory requirements to satisfy your population’s needs.

Optimize quality and patient experience

Incedo enables continuous quality improvement, offering robust reporting and performance monitoring with audit trails to prove compliance and optimize satisfaction. Automated processes and workflows align by program with industry or organizational best practices, including CMS, NCQA, URAC, and state requirements.

Care Management

  • Integrate medical, behavioral, and psychosocial care to remove barriers and deliver whole-person care
  • Collaborate across interdisciplinary teams with a 360° view to close gaps, support transitions, and prevent unnecessary care
  • Optimize quality and financial outcomes with proactive performance monitoring and reporting

Utilization Management

  • Speed turnaround times to improve member and provider experience and prevent treatment delays
  • Reduce compliance risk through regulatory alignment
  • Improve satisfaction with better experience and quality performance

Behavioral Health

  • Personalized, end-to-end behavioral health solution to support quality care
  • Integrate behavioral health treatment and data with medical and psychosocial information
  • Improve outcomes and reduce risk of health equity bias


Learn how Doctors HealthCare Plans partnered with InfoMC just 45 days prior to their target go-live date, launched on time, and became the fastest growing MA plan two years in a row. Leveraging Incedo’s fully integrated medical management platform, Doctors continues to expand its footprint in highly a competitive market, having earned market distinction for offering innovative programs to their members.


InfoMC is proud to be a part of the Doctors Healthcare Plans success story.

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