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Care Management solution for managing complex, vulnerable members across the continuum of care

Incedo provides a fully configured care management platform based on the CMS SNP Model of Care. The solution is designed to ensure optimal care management and continuity of care, and provides capabilities for identification and stratification, risk assessment, care planning, coordination of services, and care monitoring for your chronic, complex and high-risk members.

  • Promotes a member-centric ‘whole person care’ collaborative approach
  • Supports efficient and effective collaboration and coordination of the member’s  necessary care, services, and community resources
  • Includes an individual’s medical, physical, and social determinant of health needs

The Incedo Care Management solution provides auto-generated care plans that capture the member’s medical, behavioral, pharmacy and social needs, as well as services and community resources – past, current and prospective.

Incedo Care Plan elements deliver a strategic system to meet the comprehensive medical, behavioral health and social determinant of health needs of the member:

  • Include concerns, goals, interventions, and measures based upon the responses provided in the health risk assessment
  • Facilitate the necessary care, services, and community resources for the member
  • Include extensive library of evidence-based interventions and goals to address a multitude of problems that are typical for a complex population
  • Provide goal prioritization and goal progress tracking and measurable outcomes
  • Utilize auto-scored assessment integration and tracking to measure progress

Incedo provides fully integrated Care Management capabilities to:

  • Stratify the population to identify members with complex and chronic conditions who could benefit from advanced care management
  • Identify members who are overdue for needed tests and appointments according to industry-standard clinical and quality measures, or that have other care gaps using predictive modeling and other data analysis
  • Systematically assess the patient’s medical, functional, and psychosocial needs by using evidence-based assessments and screening tools
  • Create an individualized care plan that will initiate the appropriate workflows, including the automatic creation of tasks for monitoring and other care management activities
  • Place members into appropriate intervention programs where they can be tracked, supported, and cared for in a way that reduces the overall medical cost
  • Efficiently manage caseload with dashboard access to cases, alerts and work items/tasks assigned via workflows.
  • Easily gather member clinical history, including medical, psychological, and social determinants information, in one profile
  • Support compliance with CMS, URAC and State required elements and processes
  • Effectively manage Care Transitions and Long Term Support Services with a care plan to coordinate services and supports across the care continuum

Additional Incedo Care Management Features and Benefits:

  • Clinical Assessments – 45+ preconfigured evidence-based screenings and assessments to understand members’ health, develop an individualized plan of care, and improve health outcomes.
  • Provider and Community-based Referrals – Process referrals for the most clinically relevant and cost-effective provider or community-based resource for services needed by your members with an intelligent provider search tool.
  • Configurable Automated Workflows, Tasks & Actions – Improve operational efficiency, adhere to business rules and ensure compliance with timelines and due dates by configuring custom automated workflows.
  • Auto-generated Letters & Notifications – Enhance communication with automatic generation of fully customizable member and provider letters and notifications
  • Forms & Data Field Customization – Create fully customizable data fields and forms for required data collection, such as health risk assessments, member satisfaction surveys, consent forms, etc.
  • Contact Management – Maintain a complete contact record by documenting and tracking every communication regarding a member with all linked forms and activities
  • Activity Tracking & Management – View all activities (contacts, services, tasks, letters, etc.) that have occurred for a member in dashboard view for full transparency
  • Outcomes Measures – Facilitate actionable and meaningful assessment measures of health outcomes by tracking data and performance to Star and other regulatory measures

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