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Doctors HealthCare Plans - Building a Partnership for Long Term Success

Executive Summary

In preparation for a January 2019 launch of a new Medicare Advantage Plan in Dade County Florida, Doctors HealthCare Plans, Inc. (DHCP) had completed a rigorous RFP process and selected a vendor to provide a care management platform which was intended to offer the flexibility required to realize DHP’s mission of offering a high-touch customer-centric experience for Medicare beneficiaries.

An unexpected course correction

Early on, it became clear the selected vendor lacked the depth of health plan system capabilities required to deliver on its promises. In a bold move to ensure regulatory compliance, DHCP terminated the contract, returned to the market, and selected InfoMC’s care management platform Incedo as their technology infrastructure. Quickly establishing a trusted partnership and working at light speed, DHCP and InfoMC met the original go-live date with full functionality, launching in just 45 days.

A Best in Class Care Management Platform

With Incedo, DHCP quickly created a market leading reputation for delivering an exceptional member and provider experience, earning the distinction as the fastest growing MA plan in highly competitive Dade County two years in a row. Built to deploy a medical home approach to care within the case management module, Incedo facilitated this rapid growth with features that include:

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Predicted Results

Anecdotal evidence indicates that InfoMC’s platform has:

How Medicare Advantage Plans & Accountable Care Organizations Can Better Manage Risk in a Value-Based World

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Managing Risk in a Value-based Environment

The successful implementation of value-based contracts requires the strategic development of infrastructure supports necessary to improve health outcomes and manage costs. 


Clinical and operations teams must collaborate to meet clinical and financial performance targets and develop effective approaches to improving the quality and cost of care.  Technology infrastructure resources must support the unique design of the medical management program and provide a seamless integrated process across teams for:

Care management of patients with physical, behavioral, and social care needs

Timely and actionable clinical decision-making and authorization of services

Informing all stakeholders, including members and their providers

Documenting and extracting data to meet reporting compliance requirements

Listen to the webinar to hear how the clinical and operations teams at Doctors HealthCare Plans successfully collaborated to build its medical management technology infrastructure.

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