Healthy Behavior Change

InfoMC Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide

A cornerstone of population health and individual health outcomes are the fundamentals of healthy behaviors. These are the building blocks of how people are able to understand and manage their own health. This includes not only illness management, but also health promotion and wellness maintenance. Healthy behavior change is the foundation of all physical and behavioral health.

The College for Behavioral Health Leadership, with support from InfoMC, has created the Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide. This resource, which is available at, is an on-line resource tool for understanding, promoting, and managing healthy behavior change. The guide curates publicly available resources that help map out the key determinants for improving health outcomes. It is rich with diverse content that directs readers to information and extended links to other materials.

The Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide links together three key content areas. The first section is “It Begins with You.” This area focuses on important topics like health literacy; engagement and activation; motivation and readiness for change; and resources on recovery and resilience. The second section is “It Takes a Village.” This section looks at the key elements of the social determinants of health; examines the role of peers, families, and communities; and also the opportunities for health improvement in work environments. The third area is “Supporting Technologies”, which includes E-health tools; metrics for tracking improvement; and specialized supports for trauma and other factors.

InfoMC is committed to providing resources that support the improved health outcomes of individuals and populations. This is achieved through technology solutions that help close the gaps in care, foster collaboration and integration among systems of care and care givers, and providing useful information and analytics to support these goals. The College for Behavioral Health Leadership’s Health Behavior Change E-Guide is a personalized tool that can support individuals in improving their own health. It is also a resource guide for providers and care givers to help inform, educate, and stimulate improved health outcomes.

By Allen S. Daniels, Ed.D., Clinical Director, InfoMC


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