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The Benefits of Incedo™

Incedo's Medical Management Software Benefits

Incedo’s fully integrated medical management software delivers a suite of healthcare management functions, including utilization management, care management, and care coordination capabilities that are optimized for value-based care. Incedo provides an innovative, person-centered care management decision platform that enables the care management ecosystem to act as one, integrating the physical, behavioral, and socials needs of members.


The Incedo platform can be used as a standalone comprehensive solution or it can seamlessly integrate with legacy platforms for an enhanced end-to-end solution, helping care teams target specific populations and processes.


The Incedo platform optimizes care delivery, reduces unnecessary healthcare costs, and improves member health status by delivering superior:


“Only when the impact of behavioral health, physical health, and social determinants of health is considered as part of each member’s care, can we truly achieve person-centered care and advance towards value based care.”

“Data based insights into the impact that those factors have on each person give us the ability to enhance the quality of care and effectively change factors that impede a person’s successful engagement in, and compliance with, care plans.”

-Dr. David Nash, MD, MBA, InfoMC Board Member and Founding Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health.

Medical Management Software
Built Specifically to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

We built the Incedo Healthcare Management Platform as a solution for the unique needs of healthcare organizations who are responsible for managing the healthcare needs of their members, including:

Over 26 million members are currently supported in better health with Incedo, with our clients relying on our platform to maintain compliance, reduce avoidable hospitalizations, coordinate community care teams for social determinants of health, manage chronic conditions, and much more.

Supporting Operational Efficiency
and Care Optimization

Incedo reduces the time spent on plan administration and helps you focus on driving quality outcomes. Our fully integrated “whole-person” care approach:

Advantages of the Incedo Platform

In addition to the benefits listed above, InfoMC’s medical software for doctors deliver a host of unique advantages that elevate our solution over competing medical management software companies.

InfoMC was the first to pioneer the holistic integration of behavioral, social, and physical care management, with utilization management and care coordination to effectively address member ‘whole health’ and cost outcomes. The Incedo platform delivers this holistic integration by offering:

  • Integrated library of measurable medical, behavioral and social assessments
  • End-to-end workflows for clinical and financial behavioral health management
  • Care coordination across mental health and substance use condition

We understand that our customers need to modify programs at will to ensure care initiatives are successful. To support this need, we built Incedo to be highly configurable, including the following advantages:

  • Configurable to reflect your model of care, workflows, and data requirements
  • Intuitive self-service capabilities to address emerging needs and program configurations
  • Easily updated to accommodate changing CMS reporting and compliance requirements

The Incedo platform offers features designed specifically to enhance care quality and simplify operations:

  • Pre-configured solutions that accelerate implementation and improve performance
  • Workflow automation that reduces human intervention while increasing enterprise efficiencies
  • Alerts, notifications, and dashboard access to work items that facilitate prioritization and caseload management

By integrating care management and utilization management, your plan will reduce costs while driving better member health outcomes. We enhance collaboration by helping you: 


  • Easily identify appropriate members for CM using integrated UM screening processes
  • Rely on rules-driven workflows to seamlessly transition between CM and UM functions
  • Share member views across teams to elevate communication and coordination around care plans

Reporting is effortless with Incedo’s seamless data and reporting guidelines that are in alignment with care management and utilization review processes. These guidelines enable you to easily:

  • Track and extract data to meet state and CMS compliance reporting regulations
  • Create and capture new custom data elements as needed
  • Monitor compliance and adhere to standards with structured data

Our industry-leading commitment to security and compliance is evidenced by our certification achievements:

  • MARS-E certified: the highest level of federal and state ACA compliance health insurers, state Medicaid agencies, and other ACA administering entities,
  • HITRUST CSF Certified Cloud Healthcare Management Platform: meeting key regulations and industry-defined requirements for managing risk
  • NIST Security Controls and SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 System and Organizational Controls: meeting security mandates for keeping data safe and secure

The Incedo platform also offers fully configurable role-based security capabilities that protect data integrity according to your custom security profile.

Enhance your value proposition with hassle-free data sharing across all required entities. This includes:

  • Bidirectional data exchange using standard healthcare and proprietary formats
  • Integration with third-party applications, client and statewide systems, HIEs, and EHRs
  • Easily application of target lists for Stars, HEDIS, and care gap closure

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Our customers are required and incentivized to enhance quality of care, manage costs, and improve the health of the populations they serve.


Given the shift towards whole-person, value-based care, they need a person-centered medical management system, like Incedo, to drive improved operational efficiencies and health outcomes while enabling them to leverage sophisticated analytics designed specifically to power their value-based care initiatives.

Incedo™ Medical management software DESIGNED FOR YOU

administration and
focus more on
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Medicaid members
through whole
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Support your most
complex members
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Advance your
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Optimize the
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Improve the
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Learn how Doctors HealthCare Plans partnered with InfoMC just 45 days prior to their target go-live date, launched on time, and became the fastest growing MA plan two years in a row. Leveraging Incedo’s fully integrated medical management platform, Doctors continues to expand its footprint in highly a competitive market, having earned market distinction for offering innovative programs to their members.


InfoMC is proud to be a part of the Doctors Healthcare Plans success story.

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