Using Care Coordination Software for Value-Based Care

Incedo offers effective solutions for engaging members, providers and care teams to improve communication and coordinate care to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of care across the full continuum of providers, facilities, and community-based supports. The Incedo Care Management software is fully configurable, enabling each client to personalize the software to meet requirements for the model of care, workflows and data.

How does the Incedo Care Management Solution meet my needs?

The Incedo Care Management solution combines person-centered care planning with a collaborative interdisciplinary care team approach, resulting in optimal care management and coordination of care across physical, behavioral, and social determinants of health.

Our care management solution helps care teams personalize care across complex, rising-risk, and wellness programs, with individualized care plans, automated workflows for efficiency, and support for collaboration and communication about clinical information sharing and decision-making. These capabilities enable teams to more effectively and efficiently coordinate services and transitions in care to improve care outcomes.


Integrated Behavioral Health: The Time Is Now

Incedo Care Management Supports Whole-Person Care

Incedo supports whole-person care by: 

  • Improving efficiency with automated workflows and tasks that help care coordinators assess the unique needs of members, develop shared care plans, and coordinate services to achieve care plan goals

  • Facilitating care team collaboration through a roles-based portal providing real-time secure communication and visibility by permissions into all physical, behavioral, and social determinants that impact care

  • Supporting interoperability with bidirectional data exchange to ensure timely and comprehensive sharing of clinical, admission, discharge and transfer information with the entire care team

Incedo Care Management Solution Features

The Incedo platform seamlessly supports care coordination, enabling the care team to effectively support person-centered care planning and the coordination of care across the continuum.

  • Integrated “whole-person” solution that empowers care teams with data sharing and rules-driven workflows to improve member health through optimal care coordination
  • Library of evidence-based health risk assessments and screening tools that auto-generate member-centric care plans and can be further personalized as care managers gather additional member-specific concerns and goals
  • Care team portal for improving member engagement and care team collaboration with real-time view of care plan and the ability to add or update problems, interventions, and goals, monitor barriers and progress, send messages and reminders, and track measures and outcomes
  • Unified record encompassing the care plan and services for enhanced coordination of care with configurable role-based access that allows care team members to collaborate across services and supports to deliver person-centered care


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