Beyond Data Flow—Driving Interoperability to Streamline Care and Utilization across Disciplines

Interoperability is not just about data flow. The real challenge is figuring out how to share information in a meaningful way across multiple systems with different owners and different processes to enable the right actions—and blending workflows so that people can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can leverage technology to connect providers, payers, and care management teams to streamline how your organization integrates care and utilization across disciplines to support your population health management goals.

Topics include:

  • CMS and ONC initiatives to promote interoperability and data exchange between payers, providers, and patients.
  • API infrastructure – how Application Program Interfaces using industry standards create an ecosystem of interoperable capabilities.
  • Benefits for payers, providers and patients – better integration, better workflows, better support for patient-centered care.
  • Support for population health management and Value-based Care models


  • Dan Black –Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, InfoMC
  • Harm Scherpbier, MD, MS, FAMIA –Chief Medical Information Officer, InfoMC; Health Analytics Faculty Jefferson College of Population Health
  • Allen Daniels, Ed.D. –Moderator – Director of Clinical Solutions, InfoMC



Consultation & Demo