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Enhanced care management solution for member-centric care coordination across physical health, behavioral health and social determinant drivers

The Incedo Care Coordination solution provides tools to ensure your member’s health is being addressed holistically, by supporting efficient and effective collaboration among the multi-disciplinary care team and coordination of the member’s necessary care, services, and community resources. Providing quality coordinated care for your members will help to address gaps in care, increase member satisfaction, enhance their quality of life, and improve health outcomes.

Incedo provides fully integrated Care Coordination capabilities to:

  • Actively engage the individual in their plan of care
  • Effectively communicate with providers and other care team members
  • Collaborate with non-clinical providers such as community resources
  • Coordinate and process referrals for medical, behavioral and community-based services
  • Easily exchange information with providers (physician and non-physician, physical, community and behavioral health) via real-time, online applications
  • Enable managers, members and their families/caregivers, and providers to access information anytime, anywhere

Fully integrated auto-generated care plans including physical health, behavioral health and social determinants enable high-quality, whole-person care coordination. Incedo Care Plans offer a seamless approach to coordinating the member’s needed services and supports in the most integrated and cost effective way possible, enabling a comprehensive quality approach across the continuum of care.

The Incedo Care Coordination solution includes a Care Team Portal to allow care teams – members, caregivers, care managers, providers, and community stakeholders – to collaborate and coordinate care in real time. The Care Team Portal gives care team members access to critical health information including a complete view of a member’s clinical history across the continuum of care.

The Care Team Portal supports proactive engagement and participation in the member’s plan of care, and provides the ability to:

  • Communicate in real-time
  • Complete evidence-based assessments
  • Access the member’s care plan
  • Monitor barriers and progress
  • Add or update concerns, interventions and goals
  • Send messages and reminders
  • Track measures and outcomes

Benefits of Incedo for Care Coordination:

  • Fosters improved member outcomes and quality of life
  • Facilitates timely data sharing and effective communication among care team
  • Promotes efficient care coordination with rules-driven workflow and automated assessments, tasks, and actions
  • Allows consent-based access to member’s clinical status, care plan and social determinants of health data
  • Enables improved access to care in the most appropriate setting

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