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EAP/Work-Life solution for comprehensive case management and efficient end-to-end workflow resulting in improved overall employee health and well-being and reduced costs

InfoMC offers effective solutions for EAP/Work-Life programs to manage client relationships while providing tools for performing case management, administering eligibility, managing affiliate providers and work-life resources, processing referrals and authorizations, processing and paying claims, and tracking utilization. InfoMC’s solution also includes a web-based provider portal to streamline communications with affiliate providers.

The solution provides easy access to information including individual benefits and utilization of EAP/Work-Life services, services authorized and delivered, and bills received from or paid to affiliated providers. Our robust tracking and reporting tools make it easy to create customized, ad-hoc reports to showcase utilization, open or closed cases, recidivism, different diagnosis types, and more.

Incedo provides fully integrated EAP/Work-Life capabilities that allow you to:

  • Administer enrollment, benefits and eligibility for employees and dependents
  • Manage your affiliate provider network and match employees with the best providers
  • Maintain your corporate client contracts and manage benefits and performance guarantees
  • Enhanced call center management for tracking of all contacts regarding members and their dependents
  • Generate authorizations and manage utilization for organizational activities and employee clinical services
  • Manage cases, episodes and activities
  • Administer, track and manage work-life resources including childcare, eldercare, educational planning, financial aid, retirement planning, and caregiver support
  • Use business rules to process and pay claims
  • Aggregate data for key performance indicators and outcome measurements

Additional Incedo EAP/Work-Life Features and Benefits:

  • Clinical Assessments – Capture all member clinical and needs related information using 45+ preconfigured evidence-based screenings and assessments
  • Complaints & Grievance Tracking – Support quality of care and customer satisfaction by tracking of complaints and grievances
  • Provider and Work-Life Provider Search – Ensure the most clinically relevant and cost-effective provider /resource for services needed by your members with an intelligent provider search
  • Configurable Automated Workflows, Tasks & Actions – Improve operational efficiency, adhere to business rules and ensure compliance with timelines and due dates by configuring custom automated workflows
  • Auto-generated Letters & Notifications – Enhance communication with automatic generation of fully customizable member and provider letters and notifications
  • Forms & Data Field Customization – Create fully customizable data fields and forms for required data collection, such as health risk assessments, employee satisfaction surveys, consent forms, etc.
  • Contact Management – Maintain a complete contact record by documenting and tracking every communication regarding a member or dependent, with all linked forms and activities
  • Activity Tracking & Management – View all activities (contacts, services, tasks, letters, etc.) that have occurred for a member in dashboard view for full transparency
  • Quality Reporting – View, analyze, visualize, and report data for utilization reporting and to support continuous quality improvement

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