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Trillium Health Resources Selects InfoMC’s Coordinated Care Solution

New program and partnership aiming to improve the health of members with complex needs


Conshohocken PA – November 16, 2017 – Trillium Health Resources has selected the InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution to support the company’s Care Coordination department. By utilizing InfoMC’s platform, Trillium’s Care Coordinators will more effectively coordinate care and achieve better outcomes for Medicaid members with the most complex needs, resulting in healthier members across its region in North Carolina.


“We are excited to partner with Trillium,” said JJ Farook, InfoMC Chairman and CEO, “and we look forward to seeing the improved care and outcomes for its members. The Trillium team’s forward-thinking approach to supporting integrated healthcare ensures the success of their Care Coordination program in supporting the complex needs of their diverse member population.”


“Our new platform further supports Trillium’s mission of transforming the lives of people in need by providing them with ready access to quality care by supporting each Care Coordinator with the tools, data, and processes required for real world complex care coordination,” said Mike Lewis, Chief Information Officer for Trillium. “Our Care Coordinators now have another resource to help ensure that each member is served to meet their individualized needs. For our organization that is a big win, but for our members we think this will be an even bigger win.”


InfoMC’s Coordinated Care Solution provides Trillium with the tools for optimal coordination of care and care management for their most complex and chronic population. The solution includes an Identification and Stratification model, ADT feeds and C-CDAs for real time notifications and information sharing, Health Risk Assessment, auto-generated Care Plans and care coordination workflow, and a Care Team portal enabling Care Teams – across multiple providers and community stakeholders – to play an active role in the members’ individual plan of care. With InfoMC’s Coordinated Care Solution, Trillium adopts comprehensive and sophisticated system functionality that will reduce costly administrative and clinical process inefficiencies while promoting better overall outcomes.


About Trillium Health Resources


Trillium Health Resources is a leading specialty care manager (LME/MCO) for individuals with substance use, mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities in 25 counties in eastern North Carolina. Trillium’s mission is to transform the lives of people in need by providing them with ready access to quality care. We take a person-centered approach to health and wellbeing, coordinating care across multiple systems to achieve improved health outcomes, quality of care and efficient use of resources. Trillium is investing in innovation to meet the unique needs of the individuals and communities we serve, and remains focused on delivering the right services, in the right amount, at the right time. For more information, visit


About InfoMC


InfoMC Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software designed to help close gaps in health care systems. InfoMC offers a suite of rules-based workflow, data exchange, and analytics products to health plans, managed care organizations, health systems, state, county and community health centers and programs, and Employee Assistance/WorkLife Programs. The InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution provides tools for optimal care coordination of complex or chronic physical and behavioral health conditions and populations, resulting in improved quality and cost of care outcomes.






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