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InfoMC Care Coordination Technology Supports Real-Time Care Team Communication and Collaboration

Incedo CareConnect – A Care Team Portal for Enhanced Care Coordination


November 16, 2016 [Conshohocken PA] — InfoMC, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software, has released Incedo CareConnect (iCC), a Care Team portal designed to provide Care Teams, including case managers, providers, patients, caregivers, and community stakeholders, with the tools to actively, and in real-time, participate in the patients interdisciplinary care team planning. Through iCC, Care Teams can view and update care plans, view the patients most recent care data, message care team members, send and receive alerts, and complete tasks and other follow-up steps around the patients immediate care needs. With real-time data transfer and care team entry into iCC, Care Teams can coordinate and collaborate care based on the patients most up to date physical, behavioral and social health needs.


Dr. Susan Norris, the InfoMC Chief Clinical Officer, notes that “We are very excited to introduce Incedo CareConnect to the market. Using a portal like iCC to engage and connect care teams is key for optimal care coordination of complex and chronically ill populations. With alerts tied to real-time data, like ED or hospital admission data, care teams are immediately informed and able to intervene. It takes the interdisciplinary care team model to a heightened level of care coordination and true collaboration”.


InfoMC recognizes that there are many determinants of successful health outcomes. These include the full spectrum of medical, social, and community based factors. Through iCC all participants on the Care Team can now share real time information and actively collaborate in the design and implementation of care plans. The iCC tools support the engagement of all care team members and foster the comprehensive scope of services and resources that produce effective health outcomes.






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