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InfoMC Ohio Solution Offers Seamless Transition from State to County Claims Processing

Incedo Gives Boards the Tools and Resources to Support Payor Leadership Role


June 16, 2015 [Conshohocken PA] — InfoMC, a leading provider of collaborative process improvement technology for healthcare organizations, is pleased to present the Incedo Healthcare Management System to Ohio County Behavioral Health Authorities contemplating information technology alternatives to support their role in the changing environment of state and local managed care and claims processing.


Incedo is an Ohio-ready complete system of payor functionality for both Medicaid and non-Medicaid claims processing. Its Ohio-specific design and broad functionality address the full spectrum of transition requirements anticipated by County Boards preparing to assume payor and claims management responsibilities historically processed through the state’s Multi-Agency Community Services Information System (MACSIS).


JJ Farook, InfoMC CEO, says, “Boards are weary of the ‘wait-and-see’ situation surrounding MACSIS. Our solution allows them to be incredibly proactive in shaping the future of managed care and claims processing in Ohio. With Incedo’s quick go-live capability, Boards are positioning themselves to be ahead of whatever decision is ultimately made and to establish leadership and help guide the next generation of payor-driven technology in Ohio.”


All facets of client enrollment, benefit management, provider contracting, and HIPAA-compliant transactions are expertly managed and tracked by Incedo. Additional features such as utilization management, outcomes data collection, and state reporting enhance regulatory compliance and executive and clinical decision support.


Incedo is an affordable yet incredibly robust and versatile tool able to support a variety of funding models, business practices, and provider service offerings. Each component of the system is designed to accommodate even the most unique local requirements and diverse client populations.


Incedo™ Healthcare Management System – core administration and functionality for the entire repertoire of multi-disciplinary care planning and utilization management tools, including:


Incedo™ ProviderConnect – direct provider connections for enrollment and eligibility verification, workflow automation, access and communication portals, authorization and claims management


InfoMC® INTERACTIVE – business intelligence and data analytics, decision support dashboards, population health management tools


InfoMC® EXCHANGE – health information exchange, data sharing, access to shared local, state, and national repositories, regulatory compliance support


The cloud-based Incedo Healthcare Management System is easily deployed for independent single-entity Ohio mental health boards, administrative service organizations, and coalitions of boards wanting to pool resources and reduce administrative and operational costs. Implementation averages 90-120 days.


Since 1998, InfoMC has offered IT solutions to behavioral health and substance abuse organizations responding to the managed care requirements of counties, states, and payors. Contact Richard Powers ( or 727-798-8749) at InfoMC today to learn how Incedo can help you resolve today’s challenges and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.


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