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InfoMC Brief: Closing Health Care Gaps Through Care Coordination

System Redesign and New Technology Resources Drive Innovation and Change


March 22, 2016 [Conshohocken PA] — InfoMC, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software, released today the InfoMC Brief, “Closing Health Care Gaps Through Care Coordination”. The brief asserts that historical attempts to bridge the gaps between physical, behavioral and social determinants have in fact perpetuated silos between providers and achieved little to improve the patient experience across systems of care.


To close those gaps, InfoMC believes fundamental changes must occur in how health systems are designed and how priorities are set. And while electronic health records (EHRs) are effective tools in recording patient history, they often fall short in fully supporting the coordination of care across all physical, behavioral and social determinants of health.


The InfoMC Brief identifies four key aspects of health care that must change in order to close those gaps:


  • New approaches for understanding patients and diagnosing their health conditions
  • New technologies to achieve care coordination among all healthcare providers and social supports
  • Redefine payment and reimbursement models to reward quality of care/outcomes, not volume of service
  • Promote patient-focused empowerment to foster informed health decisions and health behavior change


InfoMC CEO JJ Farook says, “Its been over 15 years since IOM released its seminal review of the American healthcare system, “Crossing the Quality Chasm”, and it remains a highly respected guidepost for the industry. While there have been great strides in moving towards a more patient-centered system, it is still very fragmented. The InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate disconnects and disparities between systems of care, provide true care coordination, and produce quality outcomes. Were not just bridging the gaps, were closing them.”


The InfoMC Brief, “Closing Health Care Gaps Through Care Coordination”, can be downloaded in its entirety on the InfoMC website at InfoMC Briefs.






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