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InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution Exceeds EHR Capacity for Care Coordination


Conshohocken PA (September 20, 2016) — InfoMC, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software, enhances its identification and stratification model, InSpotlight, for Population Health Management. InfoMCs InSpotlight provides the tools and resources for identifying, stratifying, and analyzing at risk populations, and establishes the necessary care coordination and care management workflows to support effective care and quality outcomes for at-risk and chronically ill individuals.


The InfoMC InSpotlight tools accommodate large data sets of medical and behavioral health claims, pharmacy and lab data, service utilization, and other key indicators of population health. A common challenge with health analytic tools are their inability to integrate physical and behavioral health indicators at a sufficiently granular level to guide care coordination and management. InSpotlight integrates the full spectrum of physical, behavioral and social determinants, and targets select populations for improved health management and outcomes. This is accomplished through the identification of key elements of the covered population; stratification of the population through a rules based approach to determine both high risk and those most likely to benefit from care coordination and management; and custom analytics to support the unique needs of different populations and provider systems.


Dr. Susan Norris, InfoMCs Chief Clinical Officer notes “We are excited to introduce InSpotlights enhanced identification and stratification model to our clients and the market. By utilizing physical, behavioral and social health as determinants, we are provided with the whole-person view of at-risk and complex individuals. The enhanced InSpotlight model then takes it a step further by auto-generating effective patient-centered care coordination workflows to support better health outcomes for these individuals and their unique needs.”


The InSpotlight stratification model is based on 8 established key health indicators. These indicators integrate both physical and behavior health factors, and can be weighted for different ratios based on the target population and health system preference. A 9th health indicator supports client based rules for targeting select populations that can integrated into the overall InSpotlight analytics. This can be useful for the management of specific populations and risk based contracts.






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