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InfoMC and The College for Behavioral Health Leadership Partnership Creates Healthy Behavior Online Resource

InfoMC CEO Reflects on Board Service and Praises Continuing HIT Advancement


May 10, 2016 [Conshohocken PA] — InfoMC, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software, has posted a new commentary on the corporate blog, InfoMC Spotlight, showcasing The College for Behavioral Health Leaderships recently launched “Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide.” The project, sponsored by InfoMC, is designed to help consumers identify, organize, and mobilize internal and external resources to implement and maintain healthy behaviors.


The Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide is rooted in years of medical and social research supporting the premise that whole-person health and the behavior change needed to achieve that goal must engage resources beyond the traditional healthcare system. The E-Guide organizes content and consumer and industry tools and information into three categories: It Begins With You, It Takes a Village, and Supporting Technologies.


InfoMC CEO JJ Farook has served on The College for Behavioral Health Leadership board of directors since 2012 and as a strategic advisor since 2003. “InfoMC is proud to be a key supporter and participant in developing the Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide. It is so important that consumers recognize the role and influence of their environment, family history, and personal behavior in overall health and this resource gives them the tools to do that in a very approachable way. As my board term comes to a close, I am particularly pleased by the projects recognition of the importance of health information technology as an essential component for individuals, healthcare providers, and the industry as a whole to improve health and save lives,” says Mr. Farook.


The Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide has been recognized and praised throughout the healthcare industry by patients, providers, professional and trade associations, and government entities alike as a valuable resource for the empowerment of people, families and communities to take charge of their health.


The blog commentary, “InfoMC Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide,” can be viewed in its entirety at InfoMC Spotlight.






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