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InfoMC & JJ Farook: Driving the Future of Value-Based Care

InfoMC, led by founder and CEO JJ Farook, is a pioneer in value-based care, driving change in the healthcare industry since the mid 1990s. As the healthcare industry shifts toward value-based care, InfoMC is helping organizations integrate communication and care plans to manage care beyond traditional care settings into the community to address patient needs.


The company’s whole-person care approach enables the use of behavioral and social determinants and community resources to more efficiently and effectively manage health, particularly for individuals with complex and interlocking physical and behavioral health conditions. InfoMC’s technology helps identify and remove barriers that make care less effective so people can get the most out of their healthcare. 


This Insights Success article delves into:

  • The impact of care management for vulnerable and complex populations such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs
  • How InfoMC helps interdisciplinary teams manage care more effectively using a collaborative approach that addresses the whole person, including medical, behavioral, and social determinants 
  • A vision for future innovation around a healthcare system that is proactively focused on wellness instead of reactively treating the sick
  • Advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs to support innovation in the healthcare industry that will ultimately lead to better care


Read the complete Insights Success article here. 

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