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InfoMC Publishes New Health Information Technology Tools and Resources

Blog & White Papers Address Top Concerns in Patient Care and Data Analytics


February 15, 2016 [Conshohocken PA] — InfoMC, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software since 1996, has launched two new industry communication tools designed to identify and explore in-depth current and emerging challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment.


The white paper, Why Electronic Health Records are Ill-Suited for Population Health, appeared in the February edition of the Healthcare Solutions Showcase from FierceHealthPayer (, an online news service program focused on the fast-changing and heavily regulated area of healthcare reimbursement with more than 38,000 subscribers.


The white paper, authored by Susan Norris, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions for InfoMC and Allen S. Daniels, Ed.D., Clinical Director for InfoMC, takes a deep dive into the limitations of electronic health records (EHR) systems to track, access, and share health information documented outside of the clinical systems they support. The paper advocates for a care coordination approach to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs, and stipulates that effective care coordination is only achieved when technology addresses the existing gaps in patient care. In a side-by-side comparison of EHRs and Health Management Systems, the paper identifies the key functionality and operational efficiencies required to close the data sharing gaps across multiple provider systems, and establish workflows that direct and support the full spectrum of healthcare, social systems, and others who care for individuals.


InfoMC has also launched a health information technology blog, InfoMC Spotlight, for review and commentary on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace. The first post, responds to a recent article in HealthLeaders Media identifying four priorities for healthcare payers in 2016. The post, “Effective Technology Solutions for Emerging Healthcare Priorities,”addresses each priority with a brief analysis of the underlying problem and recommends the type of technology infrastructure and capacity needed to successfully meet current and future demand.


InfoMC Spotlight posts and published white papers are also available for viewing or download at InfoMC News and Events.


InfoMC provides industry-leading IT solutions for the care and management of population health:


InfoMC’s Incedo™ Healthcare Management System provides the core administration and functionality for the entire repertoire of multi-disciplinary care planning and utilization management tools, including:


Incedo™ ProviderConnect-direct provider connections for enrollment and eligibility verification, workflow automation, access and communication portals, authorization and claims management


InfoMC® INTERACTIVE-business intelligence and data analytics, decision support dashboards, population health management tools


InfoMC® EXCHANGE-health information exchange, data sharing, access to shared local, state, and national repositories, regulatory compliance support


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InfoMC Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software designed to help close gaps in health care systems. InfoMC offers a suite of rules-based workflow, data exchange, and analytics products to health plans, managed care organizations (MCOs), health systems, and state, county and community health centers and programs. The InfoMC Coordinated Care Solution provides tools for optimal care coordination of complex or chronic physical and behavioral health conditions and populations, resulting in improved quality and cost of care outcomes. The solution is designed to enable care teams -across multiple providers and stakeholders -to play an active role in the patients’plan of care. With InfoMC solutions, our customers receive comprehensive, sophisticated functionality that eliminates costly administrative and clinical process inefficiencies while promoting improved quality and cost outcomes (






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