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Seventeenth Population Health Colloquium

Event Date: March 27, 2017


Venue: Loews Philadelphia Hotel


In todays uncertain and volatile climate, the practice of population health has taken on even more importance. As health care leaders, we understand the impact of social determinants on our nations health. The fact that zip code is a better predictor of health than a persons genetic code is a clear indicator of the need to create healthier communities. By working to connect the disparate segments of our fragmented health system we can make progress toward controlling the cost of care, improving quality and ultimately achieve better health outcomes.



Population health has been a key component of the ACA, as a means of addressing these challenging issues. With the legislative shifts promised by the new President and Congress, it will be important to maintain the focus on practicing population-based care, as it is critical to establishing better health outcomes, improving access to care, and managing costs.


The push toward providing healthcare consumers with on-demand, seamlessly coordinated high-quality care is paving the way for a disruptive, exciting and eventful time in the industry. The Seventeenth National Population Health Colloquium has assembled a stellar lineup, including some of the foremost and visionary thought leaders, to help us navigate through this revolutionary transition.


This 3-day conference will bring together healthcare providers, payers, the pharmaceutical industry, leading technology and solutions companies, academia and government to share best practices, case studies, expert insights and industry trends.






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